Rose Garden!




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Meer van Beloved Daughter:


    Anointed Garden

    Anointed Place

       Daughter of the King

     Een Afgesloten Hof


      God's Rose Garden

   Hiding Place

    Hof van Eden

     Holy of Holies

  King of Kings

  Levend Water

Planet Earth

   Prayer Garden

    Psalms of David

 Rose Garden

    Rose of Sharon

    Royal Garden


   Secret Garden

Secret Place

    Song of Solomon

    Stille Plaats

  The Cross 


    Worship the King





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My garden





My garden


My garden, is full of roses

Each one is special as can be.
They are magnificent, yet fragile
Until I bring them Home to Me.
"So many beautiful colors and sizes
The differences make them unique.
I will tend to My roses and teach them
To be strong and not to be weak.
"Delicate are all of the petals
Of the rosebuds as they hide
So many wonderful treasures
That are a part of them deep inside.
"With love and with some patience
These tiny buds start to bloom.
And the treasures that they hold
Will be in full splendor soon.
"The petals are so very beautiful
As they soak up treasures from above.
There is a sweet scent of harmony
As I'm tending My garden with Love.
"With the bright Son Light of Jesus
The Living water each and everyday,
Beautiful roses reach toward Heaven
As they grow and mature along the way.
"At last, when they are at their peak
And their petals are opened wide,
Treasures that they give
and receiveIs something that can't be denied.
"Then they'll return up to Heaven
They won't have to reach any more.
They will be with the One who loves them
With treasures of peace and loveforevermore.
Patty Hamilton


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