Rose Garden!




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Meer van Beloved Daughter:


    Anointed Garden

    Anointed Place

       Daughter of the King

     Een Afgesloten Hof


      God's Rose Garden

   Hiding Place

    Hof van Eden

     Holy of Holies

  King of Kings

  Levend Water

Planet Earth

   Prayer Garden

    Psalms of David

 Rose Garden

    Rose of Sharon

    Royal Garden


   Secret Garden

Secret Place

    Song of Solomon

    Stille Plaats

  The Cross 


    Worship the King





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My Secret Garden






My Secret Garden



There is a place of beauty,

That God made with His hands.

I call it  

My Secret Garden ,

That s greener than all green lands.

A place of wonder,

With grass so high.

Colorful flowers,

Beneath the bluest sky.

A place of peace,

A place of prayer. T

he strong winds blowing,

All through the air.

With trees so tall,

The sun so bright,

Glistening dew,

And birds a flight.

I look up to my God above.

Bending on my knees.

And He looks upon His child,

Standing in the breeze.


 Marie Bentham


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