Rose Garden!




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Beauty within
Beauty within
When God chose the Rose of Sharon
To be lifted there on high,
What was the gift He gave
As He suffered there to die.
Did He open up the door
To let His light, within my soul,
Did He take away the darkness
So I could be made whole.
Did He replace all of my emptiness
And fill me with His love,
Did He bless my heart with peace
By coming from above.
Does my life now have a purpose
To wake upon each day,
Shall I rest upon His promises
As He shows a perfect way.
Will He bubble up within me
Like a living flowing spring,
To bring me joy and laughter
And loveliness between.
Will the power in His precious blood
Move me on to be,
Not trapped in all my yesterdays
His death to set me free.
Oh lift me fragrant Jesus
Into Your sufficiency,
May the beauty of Your life
Bloom within the heart of me.
Soft Whispers from Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 


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