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A woman's garden
 A Woman''s Garden
There's something special about a woman's garden.
It is filled with so many wonderful things.
It is those things in a woman's garden
that makes the things in life a little bit brighter.
Just yesterday,
I planted a garden of my own.
In it is mercy, grace, kindness, forgiveness,
patience and love.
I planted mercy first because mercy is often
what I need the most.
I planted grace second because unmerited favor in full bloom can make any garden of life grand.
I planted kindness third,
not because it isn't important,
but because mercy prepares the way for kindness.
Kindness is a tender smile and a gentle touch.
I planted forgiveness and patience together,
though some say that isn't proper to mix seed.
However, these are two plants that must bloom together.
Forgiveness frees us while patience
shows us how to maintain forgiveness.
Patience perfects us while forgiveness cleanses us.
Lastly,I planted love.
It is the perfect bond
that holds everything else together.
I planted love last because its roots are broad.
They spread throughout the entire garden
and nourish everything planted therein.
A woman's garden keeps her home together.
It brings a certain sunshine
to her corner of the world.
Though she plants all that she is,
it yields a harvest that is larger than life
and with far-reaching consequences.
Never underestimate the garden of a woman,
which is the depths of her heart.
What flows from it are the issues of life.
What garden have you planted, woman?


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