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    Anointed Garden

    Anointed Place

       Daughter of the King

     Een Afgesloten Hof


      God's Rose Garden

   Hiding Place

    Hof van Eden

     Holy of Holies

  King of Kings

  Levend Water

Planet Earth

   Prayer Garden

    Psalms of David

 Rose Garden

    Rose of Sharon

    Royal Garden


   Secret Garden

Secret Place

    Song of Solomon

    Stille Plaats

  The Cross 


    Worship the King





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Close your eyes and open your heart. Relax and let your worries depart. Know that the Father is caring for you, Giving you strength to carry you through.
Ask for His guidance, as you live each day, Trusting in Him to show you the way. Soon you will find your worries all cease, Bringing you joy through God's perfect peace.
By Marian Jones (2003)
Music in the air
She danced among the lily pads
As she splashed within the spring
There I listened to the songs
Of joy she would sing
What a sight it truly was
A blessing in disguise
With the wings of purest blue
Held right before my eyes
Thanking God for this precious life
Even as small, as some might think it be
In His creation,
it's the beauty that I see
Then as I stood up It was time to go my way
Pausing for a moment
I look at her and say
"Thank you for the melodies
The music of the air
My wish for you is gentle winds
To carry you here and there
May you find a lovely tree
To build your nest upon And know in my moment
I was so truly blessed from up above
In the voice God has given you
Filled with natures song of love"
 Brenda Conley
A Sunbeam In The Garden Of Life
Have you prayed for another
Deep in sorrow and strife?
Then my friend you're a sunbeam
In the garden of life.

Do you pray for another?
When their tears gently flow?
Do you tell them that Jesus
Loves and cares for them so?

Did you tell them that Jesus
Will pick them up if they fall?
He'll bring comfort and peace
If on His name they will call.

If you've said Jesus loves them
And will end pain and strife,
Then my friend you're a sunbeam
In the garden of life.

Copyright Gloria Martel

In the silence of the morning
while the grass is wet with dew,
as the sun slowly brightens a day that's fresh and new,
the chirping of a bird is the only sound you hear,
and awareness dawns within that God is very near.
In the hustle and the bustle of a busy, active day,
with no time for reflection as you go along your way,
the beauty may be missed,
nature's sounds you may not hear,
but although you may be unaware,
God still is very near.
In the ending of the day,
at the fading of the light as you
make your preparations to go to bed at night,
before you close your eyes,
as the nighttime sounds you hear,
give thanks that you can sleep
in peace since God is very near.

 Connie Arnold




I am willing


I am willing to forgive

Forgiveness of myself and others releases me from the past.

Forgiveness is the answer to almost every problem.

Forgiveness is a gift to myself.

I forgive, and I set myself free

~Louise Hay~
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